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What is the difference between Ashkenaz and Sephardi Hebrew?

Just like many languages there are different accents. Some accents are simply regional accents, and others are separated by continents. Much like the U.K and the U.S English is spoken relatively the same. Each party might pronounce words differently, and have their own set of slang. This is the same with Hebrew. In the fall of Rome and during the crusades, Jews migrated all over the world. After many years they formed their own accent. There are 4 most spoken accents, Ashkenazi (from the US and Europe ), Sephardic (Spain, and Latin countries), Mizrahi (Asia, and northern Africa) and last but not lease Yemenite (from Yemen). Each one has their unique cultures but come together as one community as Jews.

We picked Sephardic for our company because it is the accent Israel picked. The biggest difference our students will notice are the last 2 consonants of the Aleph-Bet. For Ashkenazi they have Sov and Tov. For Sephardic we have Tov and Tov.

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