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Our Mission

Our mission is to make lots of fluent Torah scholars ready for the world around us. We equip our students with the knowledge they need for deep studies in both fluent speaking, and Tanakh translation. Hebrew Revival does not believe in using lexicons, we encourage our students to let go us the side of the pool and be the masters of their own success.


All our books are written by our family. The reading books use repetition with a self-paced method; great for the whole family. We are always doing our best to serve the community to fit each person's needs. Hebrew Revival caters to the challenged individuals to the modern Einsteins.


All ages are welcome.


Become a Student

Our students mean the world to us. What makes teaching so enjoyable is seeing student's eyes light up with “ah ha” moments. We love to be a part of each student's adventures. Hebrew Revival strongly believes each person is uniquely made by God, and with that each person’s difficulties are different. Our job is to help each person individually. With our small classrooms, each student has time with the teacher. No One Is Left Behind!



Hours of Operation: 

Monday- Thursday: 8AM- 7PM

Friday: 8AM-3PM

‪(949) 354-4627‬

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